8 November 2022

Tony Fretton: Nature begins to relate to us only when we indwell in it, when culture begins in it

A session of the series of talks on “The Living Memory of Cities”, convened on 8 November 2022 in a collaboration with Eric Parry Architects and the Centre for Urban and Built Ecologies (CUBE), London Metropolitan University. With a keynote presentation by Tony Fretton (Tony Fretton Architects) on a topic represented by a quote from Romano Guardini: “Nature begins to relate to us only when we indwell in it, when culture begins in it”. “I will present three rural buildings by my practice, showing how they are experientially creative and enjoyably habitable, and present the ineffability of nature within ordinary experience.”

00:00:00 José de Paiva
00:01:58 Matthew Barac
00:03:45 Eric Parry
00:04:11 Tony Fretton – Keynote presentation
00:26:10 Eric Parry
00:31:50 Nicholas Temple
00:38:18 Matthew Barac
00:44:22 Kirsten Jeske Thompson
00:48:46 Christian Frost
00:56:59 Dagmar Motycka Weston
01:04:22 Nicholas Temple

Tony Fretton is a principal with James McKinney and David Owen of Tony Fretton Architects, London. Buildings by the practice include the Lisson Gallery, the Red House, the British Embassy in Warsaw and the Fuglsang Kunstmuseum in Denmark. Tony Fretton was guest professor at the Graduate School of Design Harvard 2005, ETH Zurich 2010, TU Vienna 2013 and Professor, Chair of Interiors Buildings and Cites at TU Delft 2000-2014. His collected writing AEIOU Articles, Essays, interviews and Out-takes was published by Jap Sam Books in 2018.