19 January 2022

Christian Frost: ‘Festival and the Architecture of Transition’

Christian Frost: ‘Festival and the Architecture of Transition’

This lecture discusses opportunities that follow the use of tools designed to understand the locative aspects of festive experience within the civic realm in relation to the way that architecture is often described and evaluated.

Starting from a literary description of a festival the various elements of experience that, alongside the architecture of different ages, combine to make a mature festive setting will be discussed. Such an evocation of civic life in the context this lecture series entitled ‘The Living Memory of Cities’ grants the opportunity to open a discourse about the nature of the festive experience itself and how such experiences are described and analysed within the architectural humanities today, and from there move towards a proposition for a future understanding that links the experiences of such events to the way we understand and describe architecture itself.

00:00:00 José de Paiva
00:02:17 Eric Parry
00:03:12 Christian Frost – Keynote presentation
01:01:18 Matthew Barac
01:08:48 Ray Lucas
01:15:15 Nicholas Temple
01:22:13 David Leatherbarrow
01:29:22 Dagmar Motycka Weston
01:33:46 José de Paiva
01:39:59 Eric Parry