11 November 2021

José Mateus: The Dialogue of Times

The Dialogue of Times José Mateus (ARX Portugal).

José Mateus was born in Castelo Branco in 1963. He graduated in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (1986) and is co-founder of ARX Portugal Arquitetos (1991). He has lectured at IST, ESAD and ISCTE in Lisbon and at ESARQUIC in Barcelona and is Executive President and Associate of the Lisbon Architecture Triennial. He is a member of the Bolsa de Peritos do Conselho Consultivo para a Arte em Espaço Público for Lisbon, was Vice-President of the Conselho Diretivo Regional Sul da Ordem dos Arquitetos (2005–07) and President of the Assembleia Regional Sul (2008–10).