• 1 Undershaft, London
  • 1 Undershaft, London
  • 1 Undershaft, London

1 Undershaft

A detail planning application was submitted to the City of London January 2016 for the 73-storey development at 1 Undershaft in the City of London. At 289.94m tall, it will rise to a height of 304.94m AOD (Above Ordnance Datum), crowning the new cluster of planned skyscrapers in the square mile.

The building will provide approximately 90,000 sqm of office space. The offset design of the core and the rigidity provided by the unique external bracing means floor space has been maximized providing much needed flexible, quality office accommodation for businesses in the City of London.

A new larger public square will be created at the base of the tower. The elevated office reception lobby means that the public will be able to walk freely beneath the skyscraper. Retail space will be created in the lower level retail gallery, with new restaurants, cafés, and shops accessed from the public square. At the top of the building will be the UK’s highest public viewing gallery, served by dedicated lifts. A public restaurant will be located on the level beneath the viewing gallery.



“A building’s skin is incredibly important in terms of engagement with the external public realm. In our work, this realm extends well beyond the public square, incorporating the wider horizon of the City. The possibility that change brings to improve the public realm set against a balance of the appropriate massing and building scale are key to this future process. While the quality of building will continue improving, new voices can join the dialogue and offer a direction to its actual development”
Eric Parry


  • Project name: 1 Undershaft
  • Client: Aroland Holdings Limited
  • Location: London
  • Services: Architecture, Public Realm


  • Archeology: Museum of London Archaeology
  • Engineering: WSP
  • Facade Consultant : FMDC
  • Public Realm Consultant: Space Syntax
  • Visualiser: DBOX


  • MIPIM Awards - Shortlisted (2019)
  • NLA Awards - Shortlisted (2018)