• Old Wardour House, Tisbury
  • Old Wardour House, Tisbury
  • Old Wardour House, Tisbury

Old Wardour House

Situated beside the historic Old Wardour Castle in Tisbury, Wiltshire, and built in the late 14th century, Old Wardour House has a noble lineage. The House was acquired by the present owner’s family in 1963. Major alterations have been made to some or all of the buildings on this site in the 1690s, 1740s, 1870s, 1900s and 1960s, leaving a series of distinctive and eclectic traces.

The aim of the design was to allow more light into the house, whilst ensuring retention of historic fabric.
The extension made use of large glazed areas to bring in light to the kitchen area below, and the bedroom above, whilst ensuring clear views from the Summer House to the garden, and the castle.


  • Project name: Old Wardour House
  • Location: Tisbury


  • Natural Stone Awards - Winner (2006)