• Private Residence, Tokyo, Japan
  • Private Residence, Tokyo, Japan
  • Private Residence, Tokyo, Japan

Private Residence

This residential project designed by Eric Parry Studio is an interior refurbishment of an existing apartment block unit, common area and entrance.

Our approach was to complement the existing architectural qualities of this 10 year old apartment block by adding warmth, tactility and colour. Completed in 2004 the building has 52 units, located in an elegant old residential district near Shibuya Station in Tokyo. The existing exterior features a beautiful tile developed by the sculptor Ayako Ueda. These softly crafted tiles are featured throughout the development and have informed our design.

The discreet external entrance to the building has been transformed into an interior space through the introduction of metal and glass screens. Enhanced lighting & hard and soft landscaping add a sense of privacy and intimacy. Interior layouts of the apartment units have been reconfigured to create more spaciousness, higher ceilings and improved lighting. Comfort and elegance has been created by applying a simple spacial and material hierarchy executed with an honest touch of craftsmanship.



  • Project name: Private Residence
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Services: Interior Design
  • Completion Date: 2015