• 40 Holborn Viaduct, London
  • 40 Holborn Viaduct, London
  • 40 Holborn Viaduct, London

40 Holborn Viaduct

40 Holborn Viaduct presents a fantastic opportunity to invest in the City, bringing significant environmental, cultural, and financial benefits in the wider context. The redevelopment aims to achieve design excellence, extend the building’s lifespan, and align with the sustainability, social impact, and carbon agenda goals of Nuveen, future tenants, and other stakeholders.

Maintaining approximately 70% of the existing building, we will reposition 40 Holborn Viaduct, while achieving the highest sustainability credentials.

Green balconies and roof-top terraces promote tenant well-being for users of the office building, with native and flowering species which will enchance local biodiversity and support local wildlife.


  • Project name: 40 Holborn Viaduct
  • Client: Nuveen
  • Location: London
  • Services: Architecture, Public Realm


  • Landscape Architect: Hyland Edgar Driver
  • Communication Consultant: Kanda
  • Sustainability Consultant: WSP
  • Structural Engineer: AKT II
  • Visualiser: DBOX