• Château de Paulin, France
  • Château de Paulin, France
  • Château de Paulin, France

Château de Paulin

Built in a spectacular setting, the Château de Paulin was once used as a fortified position; the oldest extant walls, built around the highest rock outcrop, date from the 11th and 12th centuries. The equal constitution of work and leisure in the modern world, paralleled by the cultivation of privacy, forms something of a counter-ideal to the vision of retreat elaborated in Antiquity and the Renaissance.

From this tension Eric Parry Architects has sought to draw a richness that is rooted in modern life. Eric Parry Architects has restored the existing fabric, added new buildings (including an art gallery) and carried out landscape design work.


  • Project name: Château de Paulin
  • Location: France