• R&D Headquarters, Singapore
  • R&D Headquarters, Singapore
  • R&D Headquarters, Singapore

R&D Headquarters

Our proposal at One North Singapore combines signature architecture with high quality public realm to create a landmark headquarters building. Our proposal provides world class laboratories and office spaces within a landscaped garden setting.

The building is organic in form and is characterised by tiered landscape terraces which provide a garden aspect to each office level. The envelope has ribbons of glass to provide 360 degree views whilst horizontal fins provide solar shading to keep the building cool.

The extensive use of reflective materials both mirror and accentuate the surrounding landscape to provide ‘a workspace within the landscape’. An open ground floor provides a large covered public space with active uses of exhibition centre, auditorium and café which animate the space.

A basement car park and cycle store enjoy end of journey cycle facilities of showers and lockers. The building is highly sustainable and responds to climate and orientation to maximise the passive effect on reducing heat load and energy usage. It promotes responsible resource stewardship through conservation of water, rainwater harvesting, an integrated greywater system throughout.





  • Project name: R&D Headquarters
  • Client: Wilmar International
  • Location: Singapore
  • Services: Architecture, Public Realm