• Lilienblum, London
  • Lilienblum, London


Located in the thriving Old Street district, Lilienblum adds a splash of sophisticated drama to the East London restaurant scene. The cuisine is taken seriously but delivered with a twist of fun; the interior designed by Eric Parry Architects adds a playful touch to the ensemble with a ceiling that explores the infinite possibilities of colour and form.

We worked within a limited budget to bring texture and warmth to an otherwise basic interior. To address and mask both a large concrete column and a ceiling grid that was at odds with any sense of alignment and scale, our intervention creates a continuous and colourful landscape, with a dramatic ceramic clad column as a focal point.

The restaurant kitchen is framed within horizons of colour. A counter and shelves are beautifully lined with fresh produce, creating a vibrant and welcoming dining experience.

“‘Working between street and garden, the interior is centered on the open kitchen and the ceramic stem that carts a spectral net over the space. The welcoming entrance with its bar anticipates the culinary magic of the restaurant and the al-fresco urban terrace beyond.’”
Eric Parry


  • Project name: Lilienblum
  • Location: London
  • Services: Interior Design
  • Completion Date: 2023