Deutsche Schule – Madrid Competition

Eric Parry Architects was invited to participate in a competition for a new German School on the outskirts of Madrid comprising a variety of new school buildings such as a secondary school, a primary school, an auditorium, a canteen, a sports hall, a kindergarten and outdoor facilities. The scheme was a landscape composition that responded to the block typology of the urban quarter Montecarmelo and formed a hub that will contribute to the identity of the community.

The scheme was based on the concept of creating an urban configuration that welcomed visitors at street level and drew people into the school via the main square. The overall composition allowed pupils and visitors to enjoy a variety of vistas of the landscape and mountains beyond from varied points throughout the school grounds. This is achieved by the composition of individual buildings housing the various uses that form an overall dialogue with the landscape. The materials chosen reflected the Spanish building tradition. Self-supporting stone formed the predominant material throughout to create facades of high quality and detail that complement the Spanish landscape.

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Deutsche School